Non-Monetary Support of the CSF 

  • Join the core organizing group to help further establish the Fund
  • Provide paid administrative assistance from your organization 
  • Ask your graphic designer or videographer to commit a number of paid hours towards the Fund
  • Help connect the Fund’s organizing group with other people or organizations who might want to get involved


Ideas for Fundraising 

  • Utilize the Fund’s peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform to raise your goal
  • Write a check or make a donation online on behalf of your organization
  • Ask your constituents to match your organization’s donation
  • Offer an add-on donation to your ticketing/donation platform to benefit the Fund
  • Fundraise internally, for example through your Board or major donors
  • Fundraise externally, for example through your newsletters and social media
  • Donate 1% of your leadership staff’s salaries 
  • Donate a percentage of your budget or discretionary budget line
  • Host an event to raise awareness and funds 
  • Any other creative idea you may have to make a financial contribution

Note: all donations to the Cultural Solidarity Fund will be tax-deductible.

Check out an example from HERE to show you can split contributions you receive among multiple funds, including CSF: 

Check out an example from the Bushwick Starr to show you how you might announce a matching campaign that supports both your organization and the CSF:“If you’re making plans to donate before 2020 ends, please consider supporting the Starr with a gift that is meaningful to you. We aim to rally a grassroots network of 100 monthly donors giving $9/month or more – and if you join us by December 31st, the Starr will match your gift to support artists in need!

That’s right – we are matching all new and increased gifts up to $5,000 to support the Cultural Solidarity Fund! The CSF is a joint effort of The Indie Theater Fund and hundreds of cultural organizations of all sizes which will distribute relief grants to artists and cultural workers across NYC to alleviate their needs while our sector rebuilds.”