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CSF Press Release 02/02/2021
CSF Press Release 02/16/2021
Broadway World 2/03/2021

The Indie Theater Fund is thrilled to partner with the larger cultural community to create and operate the Cultural Solidarity Fund. Artists have been living on the edge since way before this pandemic. The global majority, immigrant and disabled artists have been excluded from support year after year, decade after decade. As a community we must join together to create a more fair and equitable environment for workers to thrive. This show of solidarity from cultural institutions, led by the incomparable LEIMAY, a small, indie arts organization, even under the most difficult circumstances, is a beautiful example of the world I want to live in.” – Randi Berry, Executive Director of the Indie Theater Fund

Arts and cultural organizations empower their communities to make positive, lasting change. As stewards of this work, we know that now is the time for grassroots organizing. The Cultural Solidarity Fund asks arts and cultural organizations to leverage their organizational power to support, in real terms, the artists and workers who make their work possible. Despite facing unprecedented challenges, NYC arts and cultural organizations are boldly taking action, raising awareness and funds to support the artists who compose the unique and vibrant cultural fabric of our city.”  – Nicole Touzien, Executive Director, Dancewave

Hi-ARTS is proud to stand on a foundation of two decades of social justice work, community-engaged art practice, and the amplification of BIPOC voices. We are excited to participate in the Cultural Solidarity Fund, and we invite our colleagues to join us in taking steps towards establishing equitable support for the arts and cultural work.” – Dr. Raymond Codrington, Executive Director, Hi-ARTS

“At the beginning of the pandemic, almost a year ago, we decided to substitute the word “Sincerely” at the bottom of our thank-you letters with the words “In solidarity”. By definition, the word solidarity represents unity and mutual support within a group. At Limón, the act of solidarity is as important as our own mission since it has kept us together and moving forward for the past 75 years. In these challenging times, the Cultural Solidarity Fund was created by the arts community to support our brothers and sisters in need. We are so proud of our cultural community and applaud the tenacity in which it rallies itself to make the Fund a success. Bravo!” –Juan José Escalante, Executive Director of the José Limón Dance Foundation

As a small community-based artist-run organization, LEIMAY has spent the past two decades learning about the power of community and witnessing resilience through resource sharing. Spearheading this Cultural Solidarity Fund is both an act of action in solidarity with artists and cultural workers, and an opportunity to inspire coalition-building among art and cultural organizations of different sizes and structures.” – Ximena Garnica, LEIMAY Artistic Co-director