Cultural Solidarity Fund 

Providing Emergency Relief Microgrants for Individual Artists and Cultural Workers

In the spirit of coalition and resource sharing, NYC arts and cultural organizations of all sizes and structures continue to come together to grow a joint Cultural Solidarity Fund that provides $500 relief microgrants to NYC artists and cultural workers. Your participation and sponsorship will have a great impact

To date, more than 200 organizations and individuals have come together to raise $125,000. We received an overwhelming 2,722 applications with 56% of applicants expressing dire need for food and housing funds, far outpacing the current funds available. We were able to to fund 9% of applicants and our new goal is to raise $300,000 by April 30th, in order to fund all priority applicants. Your support is needed.


Applications to receive a micro-grant closed on March 5th, 2021 at 9 PM.

We will not be re-opening applications at this time, and we are focusing our efforts in funding as many applicants we have received as possible.

Organizations and individuals can still sponsor a microgrant today and at any time for the first half of 2021.


Aaron Moschitto, Aimee Todoroff, AJ Lopez, Alexander Betka, Alexis Lubin, Amanda Ringger, Amanda Stage in memory of Linda Caldwell, Amy Schwartzman, Andrea Nellis, Ann Holtwick, Anna Glass-Coquillot, Asya & TedBerger, Aziza Kasumov, Barbara Matovu, Barre Vida, Billie Tannen, Bob Walter, Brooke Haney, Bruce Allardice, Carl Atkins, Carl Goodman, Carolyn Dorfman, Carolyn Hall, Casey York, Celia Braxron, Colleen O’Neill, Constance Christensen, Constance Cunningham, Cynthia Flowers, Dana Ivey, Dani Martineck, Daniel McKleinfeld, Dena Isles, Dorothy Ryan Leitch, Elizabeth Warren, Ellen Birger, Elwood Exley, Emily Todras, Erez Ziv, Eric Oberstein, Erica Manta, Esther Goldbas, Fiona Simon, Floyd A Warren, Francis Baudry MD in honor of Paul Baudry, Gary & Marcie Kesner, Gina Gibney, Gregg Mozgala, Gretchen Schneidau, Imran Sheikh, Jack Bernatovicz, James Lynes, Janet Hollander, Jean Aaron, Jeanette Villafane, Jeannie Oakes Lipton, Jeff McMahon, Jennifer Gordon Thomas, Jennifer Thompson, Jerry Polner, Jeso O’Neill, Jessi Hill, Jessica Morgan, Jordana & Sean Williams, Joyce and John Vialet, Judith Baicich, Julia Levy, Julia Vickers, Katelyn Halpern, Kathleen Dunn, Kathryn Myers, Kiebpoli Calnek Lanie Zipoy, Lawrence Stierhoff, Lindsey Crane, Lisa Safier, Liz Norman, Lois Ogan, Lori Newcomb, Lucy Sexton, Lynn Parkerson in memory of Nakotah LaRance, Maggie Cino, Marek Walczak, Margaret Hagemeister, Margaret Jones, Margaret L Goodman, Marge Blaine, Marilyn Sobel, Mark Rossier, Matthew McDaniel, Matthew Trumbull, Maxine Gerson, Megan Callaghan, Meredith Lynsey Schade, Michael Criscuolo, Michael Emerson, Michael Gardner, Michele Jerison, Moira Stone, Morgan Zipf-Meister, Nehassaiu deGannes, Nicole Touzien, Nkemjika Alimole, Orietta Crispino, Pamela Grossman, Patricia Cai, Patricia Joyce, Patricia Specter, Paula Bennett, Peggy O’Shea, Randal Pierce, Raymond Codrington, Rob Urbinati, Robert Buckholz, Robin Bell-Stevens, Rosalind Anderson, Sarah K. Lippmann, Stanley Corfman, Stephanie S. Bok, Stephen Daldry, Stuart Weinberg, Susan Stockel, Suzanne Smith, Teresa Snider-Stein, Tia Bangura, Tiffany Mellard, Timothy Babcock, Tobin Nellhaus, Tom Staggs & Lynda Kennedy, Tom Wagner, Travis Amiel, Vallejo Gantner, Wilden Dannenberg, Willy Mosquera, Yvonne Roen, Zachary Herman